Case Consultation in Deception Detection

Thank you for this opportunity to speak to you on behalf of my services and specifically Forensic Statement Analysis.

Research by experts in the fields of language, psychology and deception detection has led to the identification of trends in language that are referred to as "linguistic signals or cues". Using Forensic Statement Analysis (a series of layered techniques) linguistic signals can be identified that differentiate deceptive statements from truthful ones, as your writer subconsciously reveals information, they did not intend for you to know.  This is an analysis of words, how they are used, and not handwriting style.

With over 40 years in public service, I have investigated and led numerous complex investigations and high-profile cases. I currently provide training and consultative services for agencies across the country and internationally specifically in Forensic Statement Analysis (FSA).  I received FSA training while attending the FBI National Academy in 1999 and then refined my skills working major crimes cases for several years before developing a training curriculum and adding it to my firm’s list of services. 

Idaho Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) considers me a Subject Matter Expert in Forensic Investigations as well as other topics.  I hold a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree from Midwestern State University focused on Public Administration and Criminal Justice; a graduate of the FBI National Academy; and the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute Leadership and Command College and, I am a Certified Public Manager. I have trained investigators of all types to include Texas Rangers, Attorneys, IRS agents, and private eyes.

The Analysist you seek should apply a methodical approach that includes reading the statement numerous times as each technique is individually applied. During the analysis areas of concern (linguistic cues) are specifically identified, questions formulated for an interview with the writer and, culminating in an Analysis Report that highlights the above along with conclusion drawn.  Video review and analysis of visual clues of deception should follow a similar methodology. I approach my analysis in like manner with a review taking from a few hours to over forty.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to working with you.

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