​We can provide an assessment, in all or in part, of:

  • Agency Divisions or Units
  • 911 facility

​Assessment includes: technology, operations, staffing, training, and supervision based on national best practices and a local market analysis. 

​The analysis conducted through: surveys, interviews, on-site observations, and review of written materials will be used to produce a report identifying strengths, deficiencies, and recommendations.  

​Initially, the report is delivered in draft form for review and verification of the accuracy of the data collected and analyzed to ensure there are no misunderstandings.  Following the verification process a Final Deliverable Document containing Background, Assessment, Findings, Recommendations, and Conclusions is produced.

​Timeline and cost of the Assessment process will be determined by the breadth and scope of the analysis requested and is subsequently submitted by formal bid and contract.  For example, a Staffing and Retention Assessment may take from sixty (60) to ninety (90) days and a more expansive assessment can take several months.

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