Our Program Expertise

Richard designed his first FTO program in 1992 when he was appointed the Field Training Director for the Travis County Sheriff's Office.  He traveled the country researching various programs before he developed the program that is still in use today and has since been adopted by countless agencies across the country.  

​He then developed an accompanying curriculum to train officers to be field trainers and was invited by the Texas A&M Extension Service (TEEX) to provide that training through them.  In 1995, he struck out on his own with DLW Consultants, later changed to Richard Whitehead & Associates LLC, where he still teaches and consults today.  His training techniques and program have become so popular that numerous agencies will only use him to train their trainers.  

​Richard is often called and has been instrumental in assisting other agencies in building training programs tailored to their agency specific needs.  Working in consultation with your staff, it is not uncommon to have the foundational items (length, phases, forms, categories, policy and SOP considerations) ready within a weeks time frame.

​Rick's other training programs include:

  • New Supervisors
  • Returning Veterans 
  • Communications
  • Corrections
  • SWAT

If we can be of assistance to you please contact us and let us know how we can help.


We Offer:

A "Common Sense" approach to your Field Training Officer Program & its Management. 

  • Our program is in use across the country to rave reviews and was name "common sense" by it's users.


We Design:

New Supervisor / Sergeant / Detective / Off-line postion  Field Training Program development.  These programs are designed specifically for your agency needs, and include: forms, policy, and staff training.

  • Why leave your staff to stumble through the trail and error of their predisors.  Give them the training for their position and set them on a right path.



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